35th Anniversary and the Good Husband

September Blog 2020

Celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary was a simple, low-key and memorable event. Similarly, many of you are probably experiencing similar celebrations in this time of COVID-19. I, Darryl, am not the best with gifts and surprises. This year, however, I’m “The good husband,” as I nailed it this time. On the morning of our anniversary September 8th, it took only the thought “My wife loves dancing” to spin the wheels of a simple yet powerful plan. So, after our morning circle, I had a short chat with Meoli, our head Maasai guard. I asked him to get our other Maasai workers together and set up a private dance presentation at 5:30 p.m. And that was that!

When Shirley heard the warrior shrieks in the late afternoon, she wondered what was amiss. Then she saw the guys in full Maasai garb strutting their stuff in the distance. Instantly, she knew what was going on. “You organized Maasai dancing for our anniversary! Awwww.” And thus, at long last, after 35 years, I was “in” on the “gift-giving-club of husbands who chose well on their anniversary.” 🙂

A little fun as we join the Maasai for the dancing finale … a tradition for all our Dashir guests, and this was our time!

Those thirty minutes were special and magical and FUN, as all seven of us had a great time together. Somehow, I was even able to shed my shy Mennonites roots and dance up a storm in the finale. If possible, I might even have upstaged my wife, who usually dominates in this area. I have found that in the right setting and for a good purpose, I can really enjoy dancing.

In the evening, Shirley prepared a meal to die for – salad, chicken kiev with all the trimmings and a decadent dessert. It was quite the day … one we’ll never forget.

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FLASHBACK – Sep 8, 2010

We recall another simple, low-key memorable day – our 25th anniversary, 4 weeks after we first set foot in Tanzania. Even after our 35th, we still think this was our most memorable anniversary. The work had just started with our dear brother Chandu, first builder at Dashir. He literally blew us away with a surprise lunch of samosas, sodas, and chocolate bars. I still vividly recall the tastes and giddy joy of that moment. The take-out meal was served on a makeshift table with colorful Maasai cloth, under a tree on our dry barren land, with little fanfare and much love. Because we had absolutely zero expectation on that day (we had just collected steel and plumbing supplies from Arusha in the morning) the emotions of this experience were deeply felt. We laughed and shed a few tears of gratefulness as we enjoyed that feast together.

Then in the evening, to cap off a most wonderful day, just the two of us went up to the hill of our future house, and said cheers! with wine and thanks to God for 25 years together.

P.S. We are so grateful to Chandu for his amazing help to get started. Unfortunately, Chandu passed away last November, much too soon. He had the gift of helps and blessed the lives of so many around him, including us. Our hearts and prayers go out to Chandu’s family and friends. He is dearly missed.

Chandu takes us lodge hopping to get ideas. We had coffee together on Oct 12, 2010.