Our Team

We strive to cultivate a team of workers who serve from the heart. We trust this will come through when you visit Dashir Lodge.

Many of our staff, as is often the case in Africa, support not only their immediate family, but many extended family members through their work at Dashir. This is a huge privilege and responsibility. We say, “life is short and you spend almost half of it at work. So for a good life, you must enjoy your work and the people you work with.”

Whether work or play, wedding or funeral, laughing or crying- we celebrate and do life together.

Our Community

There is an African proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it also takes a village to raise a lodge! We are deeply grateful and indebted to the people in our village community who accepted us with open arms, and helped build Dashir Lodge with us- one shovelful at a time.

Now, it’s payback time! The needs are overwhelming, but one brick or one book at a time, we have the privilege and joy to give back to our community. With your booking at Dashir, you join with us in this great work.

Darryl & Shirley

People really get a kick out of the line, “we sold everything but our three grown children and moved to Africa.” It totally describes what we did – part of a promise made to each other before we got married. Shirley said, “Darryl, if you will take me to Africa then we can get married. If not, we will just be good friends.” And so the die was cast. Together, we now have over 16 years of experience in Africa.

Dashir Lodge & Safaris is much more than just a business to us. It is a way for us to make many friends from around the world and introduce them to the beautiful land and friendly people of Tanzania.

We warmly invite you to our home, Dashir Lodge.

Darryl & Shirley Peters

Canadians in love with Africa