The Top-Rated TripAdvisor Dashir Lodge and Safaris! – What say the guests?

Africa and the African safari – a trip of a lifetime in a world much different from our own.

To many people, an African Safari vacation is near the top of their bucket list; something some dream of their entire lives, but often feel it may just be that – a dream.

Canadian couple Wes and Esther Friesen had the dream of Africa and realized very quickly after visiting an information session in British Columbia, their dream could very well be a reality; they just had to meet the right people and the right Safaris company. How amazing would it be? The opportunity to view the animals in their natural habitat, enjoy the company of the local people, and embrace the culture of Africa…it was now within their sights and they started saving immediately.

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We invite you to enjoy our home in Africa!

Have you ever thought of leaving the 9-5 life behind, to follow your fantasy dream life?

Meet Darryl and Shirley Peters, a Canadian couple who did just that and always dreamt of living a life they were passionate about, in Africa. Today, they are proud parents and the owners of Dashir Lodge & Safaris located in Tanzania, Africa. Dashir is more than four walls and a roof to the Peters’ and the guests and patrons who visit, it’s now known as one of the best African safari companies and resorts. Dashir allows you to embrace the African culture, land and people, sip your morning coffee with a view, and enjoy all the comforts of home during your stay. This luxurious African vacation spot will allow you to see Tanzania through the lens of the locals, while enjoying with elegant accommodations. The Peters’ journey has been filled with many obstacles and setbacks, but together, along with the community, they are achieving a life they never knew was possible.

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